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No two events, couples, or clients are the same. I provide individual, personalized service and focus on the details that make you and your wedding unique. We'll work together to select the right lettering style, materials, and ink color to match your pieces to your style. My goal is to make your vision come to life smoothly and beautifully, from inspiration to delivery! Contact me for a full list of services. 


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Vows, Quotes, and Letters

Handwritten heirlooms created for you with love.  These custom pieces help preserve your special moments for years to come. Commissions for vows, quotes, letters, and other personalized documents are booked based on availability. Small vows, quotes, and letters are available for wedding clients as part of a day-of or envelope addressing package and make beautiful additions to your flatlays, detail shots, and wedding day memories.


On-Site Live Calligraphy

Add an extra touch of luxury to your event with live calligraphy! On-site calligraphy is a unique way to engage clients and guests. I am available for a limited number of on-site calligraphy events per year, to include item personalization, custom favors, and handwritten notecards. Pricing starts at $125 per hour - additional travel and supply fees may apply.

Past clients include:

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